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We (or at least Stobswell Church) have a wee hiccup, in that they haven’t received their money yet from the proceeds of the ‘Hi-de-Hi’ Show at the Gardyne Theatre.  However, we are assured that all is well and that the money will be coming ‘soon’.  It is a good job, though, that we have a lot of time in hand before the money for the Christian Aid Malawi Partnership Project has to handed over.

Our next Project to raise funds for Christian Aid is, of course, the

Christmas Concert
to be held on Sunday 11th December at 2:00pm.
Music by Totally Trinity Talent
Tickets £5.00       `               Refreshments:   Tea Coffee and Clootie Dumpling

Tickets will be available soon from our committee members.  Please make a note in your diaries to come along – hopefully the weather will be better than it was last year when we were stuck indoors because of the snow.

We are still receiving letters from our sponsored children.  The letters are printed on the next page.  One letter in particular is a ‘thank-you’ note from a young man in Ethiopia who now attends University.  We sent him an extra birthday gift to congratulate him on his success and this is his response.

We are currently running an audit with Compassion to ensure that your donations are going to the correct Project and children.

Meanwhile, both Nancy Latto (Christian Aid) and Hazel Robb (Compassion/Sponsored Children) will be very pleased to relieve you of any cash that you may care to donate.



The Christian Aid Malawi Partnership Project being run by Trinity and Stobswell Churches has raised £4,000.00 of our £5,000.00 target with a year to go of the target time-frame so achievement is looking possible.  ACT IV is presenting ‘Hi-de-Hi’ at the Gardyne Theatre from Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th September with the proceeds from the SATURDAY performance going to the Malawi Partnership Project.  Please come, on the Saturday if possible. Tickets for the Saturday performance are available by phoning 01382 459915.

Most unfortunately, due to several illnesses, the Ferryatrics Concert has been cancelled.  We wish all the performers all the best in their (very early) retirement from public performances.

Our next Trinity Project for Christian Aid in on Sunday 11th December when we will be hosting our annual Carol Concert.

Our Sponsorship efforts seem to be bearing fruit with letters from the children coming in regularly.  At least one of the children, Miliscent in Uganda, is now writing to us in English which saves translation problems and we have had responses from some of the Projects who received additional funding from us.  Please read Medalit’s letter from Peru to find out what our £100.00 bought.