We have transformed the inside of our church. It had been forty years since it was last redecorated so we all took a deep breath and prayed hard and long and decided to bring our church into the light.

Thanks must go to the Fabric Committee for all their hard work and dedication to the cause of bringing us kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The last decoration was pink and grey. It was a very cold look. We also had long central pews that were very close together and it was difficult to manouver between them.

Now we are blue and pale yellow. The central pews were taken out and sold and we purchased chairs covered in the identical colour of the blue on the pillars.

A Development Fund was set up to help us repay the money required for all this redecoration and alteration.

All of our Organisations have been thinking up ways to raise some money to help us reach our target. But now that the church is looking lovely we are turning our eyes to our church hall to bring it up to the same standard.

Our Development Fund looks like it will be ongoing for a lot of years into the future.

Quite a lot has happened since the last newsletter. Since the interior of the Church is now looking so good, we thought that the railings were rather spoiling the appearance of the place and these have now been painted.

At the annual inspection of the gas heaters in the halls these were condemned as dangerous by the inspector and removed. This meant that we had to act quickly to get new heating installed before all the organisations started up again in September. This work is now almost complete and the new boiler also provides hot water in the toilets. Removing the old heaters from the walls left the hall looking a bit shabby and the Fabric Committee agreed to undertake the repainting of the walls and paintwork if a contractor was engaged to do the ceiling. This was done in double-quick time, while I was on holiday, and the hall is looking great.

I would like to thank the members of the Fabric Committee and all the other volunteers who helped in all the above and in preparing and cleaning up afterwards.
I hope that anyone who came along not only felt they were doing something worthwhile but enjoyed the banter.

Hazel Robb