Friendship Group Syllabus


FRIENDSHIP GROUP Syllabus 2018 – 2019

Come along and join us on Wednesday afternoons. We meet in the Church hall at 2 pm during the winter months. This is a mixed group and we listen to speakers then have a chat over a cup of tea.

Oct 17
Faeroes and Iceland Malcolm McCrow.
Malcolm has entertained us before with slides of interesting places he has visited
and his talks are all set to appropriate music.
Oct 24
Dundee Streets Gillian Molloy
Find out why the streets were given their names and remember the different shops and homes that used to be there.
Oct 31
Truth behind the Fiction Pam Cairns
Pam will tell us about Seema’s Children’s Home – Offspring of trafficked sex workers. Pam has written a book about this which she will have for sale.
Nov 7
Ancient Sundials of Scotland Dennis Cowan
This sounds like an interesting talk about the sundials situated around Scotland.
Nov 14
Library Neil Paterson
We have grown up with libraries but are we making the best use of this facility?
Nov 21
Black Bay Disaster Malcolm Gracie
Malcolm has been with us before when we learned about the Scottish Pimpernel. This talk \is about the Black Bay Disaster.
Nov 28
Linus Quilts Irene Stephen
Project Linus UK is a volunteer organisation that aims to provide a sense of security and comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers through the provision of patchwork quilts.
Dec 5
Four Marys Eddie Small
Eddie Small will tell us about four famous Dundee Marys.
Dec 12
Dundee Trams Neale Elder
Reminisce about the transport system of the past.

Year 2019

Jan 9
Canal Journeys Alastair Langlands
Come and travel down different canals.
Jan 16
Cornerstone Sarah Murphy
Cornerstone provides care and support services for adults, childen and young people with disabilities and other support needs.
Jan 23
Arts in Healthcare Ian Wightman
Ian will tell us about the role of the Arts in healthcare.
Jan 30
Mountain Rescue Paul Russell
We will learn about the role of the Mountain Rescue service.
Feb 6
Mountain Rescue Paul Russell
Impressions of Moscow and St Petersburg Dorothy Forrester Dorothy will show slides from her visits to Moscow and St Petersburg.
Feb 13
Stay & Play Rhona Armitage
Sometimes we just don’t realise what is going on locally. Stay & Play, is located in St Martin’s church on the Kingsway and is an organisation which shows families how to play with each other.
Feb 20
Bell Rock Lighthouse Kirsten Couper
Find out about the Bell Rock Lighthouse and the Signal Tower in Arbroath.
Feb 27
Carolina House Trust Les Lumb
Who remembers when the children from Carolina House, Broughty Ferry Road,came to the Sunday School in St Matthews Church?. Les will bring us up to date on the role of the Caroline House Trust..
Mar 6
Iona Caroline Taylor
Caroline will tell us about a visit to the Island of Iona.